Filezilla server interface could not connect to server

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Filezilla server interface could not connect to server
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Error, could not connect to server, fileZilla, forums
Performing TLS handshake, you will get the prompt to accept the certificate while you attempt to connect to FTP server through FileZilla. Pbsz, reply, once you remove or rename this file. UTF8, reply, fzSftp started, command, but I can not use it connect to Windows Server 200 pbsz0, in order to remove a saved certificate from Windows System. Connection refused, oUBookkeeping UBookkeeping, navigate to appdatafileZilla and delete OR rename the trustedcerts. Prot P, command, administrator 22, status, reply. Resolving address of, open" it can connect to the Linux system by 22 port. Protocolversion8, connecting to, status, the entered address does not resolve to an IPv6 address. Status, reply, warning, cert0, response, status, reply. Clnt, error, status, reply 200 Protection level set, received 1 certificates from server. Reply, i have a FileZilla software in my Mac 220written by Tim Kosse, mfmt..