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         The architectural resort Arbanassi is situated 3 km northeasterly from Veliko Turnovo. Built upon the high Arbanassi plateau, the village has always been well known for its clean air and healthy climate. So it is no coincidence that by the letter of the tsarist decree No. 711, since 07.10.1921 Arbanassi has been declared a resort.
        From the high plateau there is a direct view to the hills Tsarevets, Trapezitsa and Sveta gora and to Veliko Turnovo itself. Itas remarkable for its monumental houses and churches with rich inner decoration, wood-carving and wall-painting made during 16-17 century. These unique monuments of our architectural and artistic heritage are the reason why Arbanassi attracts not only tourists, but also scientists, archeologists, historians, architects and artists.
       The picturesque Bulgarian village is an ancient treasure that has preserved a lot of monuments of our national culture. The massive stone houses with rich decoration with geometrical and floral ornaments are one of a kind not only in Bulgaria. The nature of Arbanassi, the clean air, the healthy climate, the cultural monuments, that are preserved in their original look are all of great interest to Bulgarian and foreign tourists and have turned the small village into a popular destination.